Elderflower Margarita

by autumn on April 29, 2016


I’m kind of a margarita minimalist. I’ve made it known before that my go-to margarita recipe is this Agave Margarita from Bon Appetit. It is notably missing an orange liqueur like triple sec or cointreau and that’s exactly why it’s my favorite. Tequila, fresh lime, a little salt, and sweetener—in this case agave, a nod to the tequila. I like my margaritas simple and fresh. [click to continue…]


Beyond Canning east coast tour dates

by autumn on April 27, 2016


Hey friends! I’m really excited to be taking Beyond Canning on the road in May and returning to some of my most favorite places on the east coast. It would mean SO much if you stopped by and said hi at an event. I’ll be in NJ, NYC, CT, and PA in May. Check out the dates and locations below:

May 4, 7:30 PM: WORD Jersey City, Demo and book signing. Click here to view the event info and RSVP on Facebook.

May 7, 12 – 3pm: Union Square Greenmarket NYC, demo and book signing. More info here (scroll to the bottom).

May 15: The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, PA, chef in residence demo (3 PM) and meet and greet with book signing (5 PM). This event is open to guests only, so #treatyoself and get a room!

May 17, 7 PM: Field House Farm, 605 Green Hill Road, Madison, CT, Demo and book signing in partnership with RJ Julia Booksellers

May 19, 6-10 PM: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, demo and book signing in partnership with West End of Hartford Farmers’ Market (WEFM) and Real Art Ways monthly Creative Cocktail hour

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Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest

by autumn on April 15, 2016


Today, I’m helping my friends at MightyNest share their subscription box called MightyFix. Living in an area without a lot of grocery or specialty stores, I’m super happy about the subscription box trend. It allows me to get products that a) I don’t have access to or b) I didn’t even know about without a two hour drive into the city. Plus, it’s sort of like you get a little surprise present for yourself every month!


MightyNest’s MightyFix helps you discover new healthy, non-toxic home products each month. I think making changes for a more sustainable home can feel really daunting sometimes. Tossing the plastic wrap for good might feel like a big step, but having a beautiful, sustainable alternative like Bee’s Wrap on hand is definitely step in the right direction.


Autumn Makes & Does readers who sign up using the code AUTUMNFIX (all caps) will get their first month’s MightyFix for $3 ($7 off) and they will receive two sheets of Bee’s Wrap (one medium and one large wrap). After that, it’s only $10/month, so you’ll save an average of 30% off retail, plus it ships free. You can also add any other MightyNest products to your MightyFix order and they’ll ship for free. I recommend their Lys Nesting Glass Bowls in the resources section of Beyond Canning and my beloved picardie tumblers are pictured throughout the book.


Sarah, the owner of Bee’s Wrap lives in Vermont with her family and grows her own food in addition to raising sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and three kids. Bee’s Wrap is made from organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, which gives it a really beautiful, natural smell. The combination of ingredients and the infused fabric create a malleable food wrap that can be used again and again. The simple warmth of your hands (+ a little forming) naturally creates a seal and as the beeswax cools, the material stiffens and holds the seal intact. Bee’s wrap is recommended for cheese, vegetables, baked goods, bread, etc., but it’s not recommended for wrapping meats.

Use the code AUTUMNFIX (all caps) and get your first month’s MightyFix for $3 ($7 off). The code is valid for two weeks.

Disclosure: I received a sample MightyFix with Bee’s Wrap free for photography purposes. 


A Spring Desert Wildflower Walk

by autumn on March 22, 2016


As much as I want to be, I’m not really a “morning walk” person. When it comes to writing, I’m at my best as soon as I wake up. I have a really hard time thinking about giving up my precious morning writing hours. So, I wake up and work on whatever deadline is calling for my attention on a particular day until I start getting antsy. This means that by early afternoon, I’m ready for a break. Some days it’s just a walk to the thrift store, but other days I need what I affectionately refer to as a “sanity maintenance hike.” [click to continue…]



It has seriously been so much fun doing events for Beyond Canning, talking about the book, and getting folks excited about shoving lemons in mason jars. The virtual blog book tour is still going strong too! I also wanted to share some photos from some recent book events. [click to continue…]


Naked Cold Pressed Juice

by autumn on March 15, 2016


I’ll readily admit, one thing that I miss about living in NYC is my afternoon fancy juice breaks. They were one of my few city girl indulgences. Living in the desert means I’m miles (lots of them) from the nearest juice bar, so I was excited to try the new Naked Cold Pressed Juice.

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photo by: Grace Stufkosky

MightyNest is another one of the retailers that I mention in the “resources” section of Beyond Canning. They’re a favorite source of mine for glassware like these glass nesting bowls, which, no joke, I think I used for almost every recipe in the book. They also carry a wide array of super-gorgeous weck jars and other helpful preserving supplies. [click to continue…]


Beyond Canning Blog Book Tour

by autumn on March 7, 2016


Today is a big day! We’re kicking off the Beyond Canning blog book tour, which means that the folks below are sharing recipes from the book, Q&As, reviews, and giveaways. I’ve been having so much fun doing book events (see wildly gesturing woman pictured above) and this one is extra special. I’m excited and totally honored that these bloggers who I really admire are going to be sharing their thoughts on the book.

Check back throughout the next few weeks, as I’ll be adding the links to posts as they go up and sharing highlights from the tour.

Beyond Canning blog book tour:

  • 3/7: Food in Jars “Next comes the Pickles. This section positively vibrates with creativity and I want to make every single thing in it. Recipes that are particular stand-outs in my mind are the Broiled Pickled Onions (I love the idea of a little char in a pickle), the Maple Plum Mostarda (it’s made with mustard seeds rather than the oil, so that the ingredients are accessible for all makers), and the Green Chile Jam (I want to dollop some on eggs immediately).” Read Marisa’s review, get the recipe for my “Just a Cup” Rosé Wine Jelly, and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/8: Punk Domestics “Autumn lays out instructions for preserving in an approachable, affable fashion, but what sets her book apart is her unique sense of flavor combinations.” Read Sean’s review and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/9: CakeWalk “I enjoyed this new book for so many reasons, but especially for small (even on occasion single jar) recipes that other makers just “get”. Maybe the reason I’ve liked Autumn for so long is that she understands the need to make that drives us fellow makers on a daily basis.  There is a deep need to find satisfying homemade goods for our own bellies and those of our families, friends, and neighbors if you are a maker.”  Read Rebecca’s review and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/10: Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking “Most of all I appreciate the relaxed and friendly writing that accompanies these innovative and delicious recipes. Autumn is the smart, savvy preserving pal you want showing you the ropes. Her writing is like standing around the kitchen with a pal, bubbly shrub in hand, chatting about what you’re going to do with all that rhubarb.” Read Kate’s review and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/11: Snowflake Kitchen “I have had the pleasure of meeting Autumn in person (and swapping for some of her amazing marmalade) and I can vouch that her bubbly personality and knack for amazing flavor combinations shine through every page of Beyond Canning.” Read Kate’s review and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/14: Good. Food. Stories. “As Autumn recommended, I sprung for a mason jar airlock lid instead of just leaving my ferment covered with cheesecloth or a flour sack towel, as I’ve done in the past. It’s a small purchase, but one that reaps big dividends—this time around, none of my ferments succumbed to mold and there was no questionable smell emanating from any jars tucked away on the counter.” Read Casey’s review and get the recipe for tomato vanilla jam here.
  • 3/16: Brooklyn Supper “Autumn’s book doesn’t just offer creative recipes, it gives readers the tools and basics they need to invent their own flavors and ferments, making a practice of preserving in every season.” Read Elizabeth’s review and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/17: The Briny “Autumn includes a wealth of wisdom through clear instruction and helpful advice, and her recipes really do go beyond what many of us might expect when we think of canning by speaking to modern palates and real, everyday kitchens.” Read Jaime’s interview with me and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/18: The Preserved Life “The feel of a book is important to me, and I like the size and feel of this book–very much like a workbook, and I loved the very sturdy paperback construction of it. It travels well and can be trotted into the kitchen, perching neatly on your cookbook stand.” Read Julia’s review here.
  • 3/21: Hitchhiking to Heaven “Autumn’s approach to the preserves in this book is inspiring yet attainable, which these days is much more my speed. She offers bite-sized projects for successfully preserving with sugar, vinegar, or salt.” Read Shae’s review here.
  • 3/22: Hola Jalapeno “Beyond Canning is so much more than fermenting. There are sweet preserves, interesting pickles and even a recipe for a Buckwheat-Oat Jam Crumb Bar that I’m dying to try. Autumn’s steady, down-to-earth voice shines through making seemingly complicated recipes crystal clear and totally doable.” Read Kate’s review, get the recipe for Lime Curtido, and enter to win a copy of the book here.
  • 3/23: Cook Like a Champion “I’ve never read through a fermenting recipe and thought, “Oh, I could totally do this,” but I felt as if Autumn was in the kitchen with me when I read through the chapter on fermentation. Suddenly, a cooking technique that seemed out of reach didn’t anymore, and that is really the feeling I got throughout the entire book.” Read Courtney’s review, get the recipe for Banana Chocolate Butter, and enter to win a copy of the book here
  • 3/24:  Local Kitchen “And that’s the nice thing about Beyond Canning: the recipes are fresh and inventive, but approachable and adaptable. You don’t feel like Autumn is standing in the corner of your kitchen, shaking her finger at you while you cavalierly squeeze chile paste out of a tube into your lemon ferment. Instead, her cheerful voice comes through loud & clear on the pages of this book, encouraging you to try it out – what could it hurt?” Read Kaela’s review and get the recipe for her take on gochugaru preserved lemons here.
  • 3/25: Dolly & Oatmeal “i was so excited for this book, because i am totally overwhelmed by all things preserving, fermenting, pickling, etc.!  when i opened autumn’s book it was like a breath of fresh air – a steady voice guiding me through the steps until boom!, i had fermented my first piece of food without incident!” Read Lindsey’s review, get the recipe for fermented jalapeno slices, and enter to win a copy here.


Fillmore Container and Beyond Canning Giveaway

by autumn on February 19, 2016


It has been so sunny and lovely here in the desert this week, but I know that certainly hasn’t been the case everywhere. I’m happy to report that I’m sharing something today that will brighten up your Friday a bit, no matter where you are!

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White Grapefruit Marmalade with Bay

by autumn on February 17, 2016

White Grapefruit Marmalade with Bay // Autumn Makes & Does

I’ve been reading a lot of Joan Didion lately, something that I avoided doing for a long time. I’m a white lady with two writing degrees who moved to New York City to be a writer, interned at Conde Nast when Conde Nast still kind of mattered, etc. I’m also nothing if not contrary. Precisely because it seemed a foregone conclusion that I would spend at least few years of my life wanting to be Joan Didion, I stayed away from Joan Didion.

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