Introducing Alphabet Soup Podcast: Episode 1, Kate Payne

by autumn on September 27, 2011

I’ve started a podcast. It’s about food and words. I’ve been so excited to say (type?) that, that I just had to get it out. Of course, that’s not the whole story.

I was at the wedding of a dear friend this past weekend and amidst assigned-seat small talk, someone asked “What’s important to you?” Not, “Where do you work?” Not, “Where in the City do you live?” But, “What do you care about?”  My answer: poetry and food.

There are a lot of us out there that care about language (poetry, blogging, fiction, visual storytelling, non-fiction, all of it!) and also food. I know I’m not the only one and I know it’s not a coincidence. After all, I wrote a love poem about cleaning the poop veins from shrimp. I need to talk about this.

I made Alphabet Soup for completely selfish reasons: to talk to inspiring people about food and words. However, I’m delighted to share these conversations with you.

Click on over to Alphabet Soup and check out Episode 1, which features Kate Payne, author of The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. Kate was kind enough to chat with me about the process of writing and selling The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, her poetry and fiction, and what she’s working on next. Also, the important stuff: concord grapes, angsty high school poetry, and CzesÅ‚aw MiÅ‚osz. Listen here.


Autumn Giles is the creator of Autumn Makes & Does and the co-host of the Alphabet Soup Podcast.

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1 Becky @ The Mixing Bowl Diary October 4, 2011 at 3:31 am

oh fun! I met Kate a few weeks ago when she was in my area doing some demos with the From Scratch Club! That is cool that you got a little chat time with her!!


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