Running away to the mountains and my picnic philosophy

by autumn on August 19, 2015

August in the desert is legit. Like the mass beach exodus that I remember from my NYC days, here we flee for higher ground. The past couple weekends I’ve headed to the mountains, to take advantage of the cooler temps at higher elevations and just plain gorgeous living. This weekend, I’m headed up againit’s totally the desert version of the beach.






Paul and I were driving around forest service roads last weekend and every few hundred feet I tried to get him to pull over so we could “frolic in a meadow.” There aren’t too many meadows around us, but the prickly pear fruit are getting ripe. One of the things that really blows my mind about our state is that you can get from full-blown desert to cool, shady forest in under two hours.

At the beginning of the month, I was up in the mountains for a mushroom hunt. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to wild mushrooms, so tagging along with someone who knew what they were doing was an ideal situation. We only found a few, but I definitely feel like the seed has been planted for rooting around in the woods for fungi to become a full-on obsession.



I’ve been packing a ton of picnics lately for my run-away-to-the-mountains trips. I’m not one to pack pinterest-ready, individually wrapped sandwichesmy picnic style is super low-key. I typically take along a variety of snacky stuff that I can either combine as a proper picnic meal or eat separately as snacks in the car.

There’s usually a jar of granola and a few pieces of whatever fresh fruit we have on hand—right now it’s figs. To go with the fruit, cheese, and to with the cheese, bread. And it probably won’t surprise you that a lady who wrote a preserving cookbook must have some fermented foods in her picnic basket. Bringing a little jar of kraut or kimchi is such an easy way to bring prepped and ready veggies along.


And although I most certainly have a water bottle with me at all times—it’s the desert, after all—I always bring along something a little more special to drink with my meal, like the new IZZE Sparkling Water. IZZE Sparkling Water is the latest from IZZE – a bold sparkling water with true-to-the-fruit flavors: Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime and Raspberry Watermelon. IZZE Sparkling Water is USDA Organic Certified – made with organic natural flavors and organic cane sugar.




I was actually pretty surprised to find sugar on the ingredients because they’re REALLY not sweet at all, in the best way. There’s just enough sugar to highlight the flavors, which are very natural tasting. I’ll swear up and down, anything tastes better when you drink it our of a pretty bottle like this. Plus, the empty bottle doubles as a vase for the inevitable wildflower bouquet that I’ll almost always come home with.

Where have you been escaping to this summer?

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