Freeze Kefir Ice Cubes for Your Smoothie

by autumn on August 20, 2014

Kefir Ice Cube Smoothies // Autumn Makes & Does

I can be a bit skeptical of tricks, shortcuts, and hacks just because I don’t always want to do something the easier, faster way–especially when it comes to cooking. Sometimes I do want to stand over a steaming pot, just stirring for an hour. I do, however, love cooking smarter and I’m pretty excited about the smart trick in my latest piece for Serious Eats.


It features smoothies made from frozen kefir cubes. By simply pouring plain kefir in an ice cube tray and allowing it to freeze, you have a probiotic smoothie add-in that makes for a cold, creamy, milkshake-like drink that isn’t watered down the way a smoothie with regular ice would be.

You’ll want to work all three smoothies using fresh fruit, herbs, and kefir cubes into your regular rotation! (Peach Basil is pictured above.) Check them out here.

PS: My kefir panna cotta was–you guessed it–made using leftovers from testing these recipes. Team Kefir!

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