Kale Salad Panzanella and other recent writing elsewhere

by autumn on March 4, 2013


The folks over at Blisstree recently asked me to develop a brunch recipe for their cooking series called “Brunch-off” using a seasonal ingredient of their choice. Well, when I found out my ingredient would be kale, you can guess how psyched I was. I used this fantastic gluten-free seeded bread recipe, which is a new favorite of mine, to make a rustic, winter kale salad panzanella. Head on over to Blisstree for my Kale Salad Panzanella recipe.


This was my second attempt at gluten-free panzanella, so I feel like I’m working toward a good strategy for successfully making this bread-heavy dish gluten free. My first tip for gluten-free panzanella is to really toast the bread. It lends some extra crunch to the salad and helps the bread hold together. The second thing I learned is that a successful gluten-free panzanella will require less liquid/dressing than regular panzanella for the same reason: the bread will hold together better. Finally, I really loved how this turned out with a whole grain, seeded bread compared to the more traditional white bread.

I also wanted to share a couple other recent projects I’ve been working on that I suspect you might enjoy.

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1 Art & Lemons March 4, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Love the links: DIY soda plus staples plus fab podcast = excellent geekery. I’m always into a good panzanella salad, especially once laced with kale.


2 Winnie March 8, 2013 at 2:51 am

You have been so busy!!! I have to get on the podcast bandwagon…I adore you both and can’t wait to listen 🙂


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