Preserved Rangpur Limes, Pt. 2

by autumn on April 29, 2012

As I write this it’s before 7 am on a Saturday and I’m enjoying some treasured morning alone time. Does it count as alone time if you’re emoji-ing with your sister? That’s happening too. Soon I’ll put on some absurd combination of clothing that can only seem like a good idea when it’s too early on a Saturday and head to the greenmarket.

I once encountered Bill Cunningham (!) at the market, which made me acutely aware of the fact that I was dressed like a lunatic. Have I told you about this before? Looking back, I’d swear to you that his eyes stalled on me for at least three seconds. I’d also tell you I was sure he had considered adding me to his annals that morning, if only I had decided against that hideous tote bag.

Really, my early mornings are for anything but fashion. They’re for catching up with the world and, let’s be honest, catching up with my fridge and that parsley I forgot about. Preserved citrus is one of the rare things—maybe the only thing—that you want to forget about in your fridge. I stashed some away to cure a couple months ago and now it’s time to report back.

Here’s my original post on preserving rangpur limes two ways. After two months in the fridge, they had developed a nice syrupy brine, just like I wanted them too. The jar with aromatics (bay leaf, lavender, and juniper) was dominated by the show-stealing lavender so I’d probably add less if I made these again. The plain jar wasn’t as tart as I expected. If anything, the bite mellowed and their musky complexity came through even more.

So far, I’ve used them just how I use preserved lemons, which is most often chopped up and added to salads. Salads with buckwheat! I am looking forward to following Food in Jars’ lead and pairing these preserved limes with some avocados for guacamole.

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