Lavender Rosé Jelly

by autumn on February 14, 2011

I wasn’t going to post this recipe because, really, I am not going to post the recipe. There’s a Lavender Wine Jelly in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and this is that recipe with any significant changes (added rosé instead of white wine, which the recipe calls for) and I don’t want to rip-off the fine folks at Ball. I’m guessing a lot of you preservers out there already own the Ball Complete Book anyway.

Along with my Apple Vanilla Bean Preserves, this was a snow day creationa recipe that I uncovered in my search for a canning project that involved only ingredients I already had. Although this isn’t necessarily in the spirit of putting up local foods while they’re in season, I’m a huge fan of resourcefulness and this recipe helped me make some rosé I didn’t much feel like drinking and some lavender that I’d bought for another recipe into something I will most definitely use! I like that there are options for canning and preserving that don’t involve monster quantities of produce (not that I don’t love monster quantities of produce, but it’s February in NYC).

My cheesemonger friend and I ate this on crackers with this super creamy cheese and it was divine. After seeing how easy wine jellies are, I definitely want to try making more. My lavender is from Long Island (I heart Lavender by the Bay!!!) and I know of a good Long Island rosé, so I am looking forward to making a super-local version soon.

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