Butternut Squash Custard

by autumn on November 21, 2010

I am dangerous in Williams Sonoma. I pet the Le Creuset and have to pry myself away from the Vitamixes. Mostly, I just leave abruptly, acutely aware of the Vitamix shaped hole in my life. DRAMATIC SIGH.

Really though, I’d like a Vitamix, but the truth is I can’t currently justify spending $500 on a blender… even a life changing one. Sometimes this hurts more than others. It hurts more when I spy these adorable little pumpkin custards from Elana’s Pantry. They’re vegan, so their creaminess comes from blending cashews at a super high speed IN A VITAMIX.

Although Elana wrote this recipe specifically for the blender of all blenders, I was determined to adapt it for my low-budget wonder. I soaked the cashews, reduced the amount of water, and switched up the method a tad, but she still deserves all the credit. Her and my $20 blender.

Butternut Squash Custard
I really love cashews as a replacement for cream and barely think of them as a substitution; They hold their own! Agar flakes are a vegan form of gelatin and aren’t as hard to find as you might guess. My neighborhood health food store had them. Adapted from Elana’s Pantry.

1/2 cup raw cashews
1T agar flakes
1 pinch salt
1 1/4 cups roasted butternut squash
1/4 cup agave
1T vanilla
1t ground cinnamon
1/4t ground ginger
1/4t allspice

1 cup boiling water

1. Cover the cashews in water and soak them for at least 8 hours or overnight.
2. Drain and rinse the cashews and place them in a blender with all of the ingredients except the boiling water.
3. Add the boiling water to the blender and CAREFULLY blend until smooth. Pour into 4 oz jelly jars, mugs, or small bowls and refrigerate to set.

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