Tomatillo Sauce

by autumn on September 5, 2010

Lately, I’ve been feeling all grown up. I started my first real grown up job. Up until two weeks ago, my professional life consisted of graduate school and two years of full-time national service (not that there’s anything wrong with that! SERVICE IS AWESOME!). Now, I have a salary and health insurance. It’s weird.

My 26th birthday is in a few days. I have been living in the New York area on and off since I was 19 and up until a few days ago, I didn’t have a New York Public Library card. For someone else, this might not be a big deal, but I LOVE the library. I went weekly when I lived out in the country (aka Westchester). For me, not having a library card meant not making time to enjoy the stuff that I know I enjoy.

So I got a library card. And with my library card I got the book Well Preserved, by Eugenia Bone. Well Preserved is a great little book, full of small batch recipes for preserving seasonal foods. And with that book I made tomatillo sauce, which gets me back to the “all grown up thing.” Eugenia’s tomatillo sauce is the first thing that I canned all by myself.

I’ve canned before, under the watchful eyes of Kate, Audra, and Marisa. Well Preserved is so thorough that even as a VERY beginning canner, I only felt a little terrified. Good terrified, though. First-day-of-work-at-your-new-grown-up-job terrified. I am not going to rip-off Eugenia’s recipe and reproduce it here. It’s a really phenomenal book and worth tracking down, even if it means growing up and getting a library card. ESPECIALLY if it means growing up and getting a library card.

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