Tortillas and Thanks

by autumn on August 20, 2010

If you know me in real life, you probably know that I don’t heart New York City. Of course, it’s way more complicated than that. I think it’s damn hard to live here. DAMN HARD. Sometimes I think I’m just way more of a baby about it than everyone else, but in my darker moments I am sure that everyone here is miserable and unhappy and I am the only one who is big enough to admit it. So. There are those times.

But, I’m still here. I plan to be for a while and–as far as I can tell–there’s really no explaining why. There are those things that, when they pop up, seem like insignificant spots of light in your day. Taken together, they are the stuff that ties you to a place.

Today, I got tortillas. Not just any tortillas. Everyone has been talking about these tortillas, with good reason too. Tortilleria Nixtamal is the only place in NYC that makes corn tortillas and fresh masa by soaking and grinding the corn rather than using pre-made masa flour. More exciting still, they only produce corn tortillas on their little production line and they verified that their tortillas are gluten-free. Also, they’re in my borough. Also, THEY’RE HEAVENLY. I know it’s just a corn tortilla, but I plowed through three before I could even bother to make something with them.

Earlier this week I was at Roberta’s: the pizza place with a garden on its roof and a radio station in its back yard that I walk by all the time, but hadn’t before found an excuse to go into (it is a pizza place, after all). I was charmed when Nicole, the lovely host of the Heritage Radio Network show “Hot Grease,” invited me on to chat about blogging gluten-free. I am a huge fan of HRN, so it was a treat to get to see the studio and talk with Nicole. You can listen to it here. It will probably be less awkward for you than it was for me when my voice came on my iPod.

These were the little bits of New York that I didn’t want to do away with this week.

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1 Eric August 26, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Ahh I will def have to check out Tortilleria Nixtamal next time Im in the area. I love some fresh torts!


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