Scape and Sorrel Pesto

by autumn on June 1, 2010

I hope you’re not expecting a recipe. What I love about pesto is that it works best when you make it up as you go along. Pesto was made for folks with kitchen ethos like mine, hell-bent on thinking they know better than a recipe.

Those are garlic scapes. They’re the young stalks of a garlic plant. I’m going to go out on a limb here on the internet and say that they’re the most onomatopoeic vegetable around. They look like they’re about to scape all over your kitchen.

Pesto comes from the same Latin root as the English “pestle.” At its heart, pesto is just about pounding and I like to keep it that simple. I rarely add nuts or cheese to my pesto, just the herb and oil. This preserves the herb for longer than it would stay fresh in the fridge and keeps the pesto versatile.

I cut and washed the scapes (they were $8 a pound and I got $1.25 worth) and put them in my mini-chopper, my favorite completely unnecessary kitchen appliance. I also threw in some torn up sorrel because I had it and I love it. I gradually added olive oil in batches until it blended smooth, but oil was not pooling at the bottom.

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