Gluten-free Rosemary Brown Butter Biscuits

by autumn on March 22, 2010

So. It seems that I’ve been baking a lot lately. Here’s the thing: the weather has been gorgeous here in New York the past week or so. BUT (and now a word from Debbie Downer) this means that baking weather is on its way out. With three roommates, I am not going to be the jerk to fire up the oven in our top-floor apartment on a hot, humid (ie: awful) summer day. That’s a few months away. Until then, the impending end of baking has re-energized me.

These are the Gluten-free Girl’s buttermilk biscuits with a little extra sass. I’ve been so into what other bloggers have doing lately that I haven’t bothered to be original in a while. This is probably the 10th time I’ve made these biscuits since I found the recipe. Think Bisquick, but better.

I had some odds and ends of butter at room temperature in my cupboard and decided, since I’d have to refrigerate it again anyway (so it would cut into the flour nicely), to brown it first. Have you ever made brown butter? It sounds fancy and intimidating, but it’s an awesome science project. And it makes any treat seem more fancy and intimidating. You were impressed when you read “Rosemary Brown Butter Biscuits” weren’t you?

You can Google a tutorial, but I’d urge you to trust your butter. The science part is this: there will be a magic little explosion of foam, when this subsides and you can see your nice brown milk solids at the bottom of the pan, you’re golden (pun absolutely intended). Because of science (!) they’ll stay at the bottom of the pan when you pour the butter out, so you won’t have burnt milk solids in your biscuits.

I also added a heaping teaspoon of fresh rosemary because I, like every other person who has ever bought a fresh herb, had extra in the fridge that needed to be used up.

More on what else I did with the rosemary to come.

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