The Infomerical for David Lebovitz’s Carrot (and Daikon!) Pickles

by autumn on February 27, 2010

I eat plenty of things that are kind of embarrassing. Things that, in certain circles, I may be reluctant to proclaim my love for because they’re a little… strange. Toast with butter, sriracha, and black lava sea salt comes to mind. OR! Things that I would rather not broadcast the frequency with which I indulge because I am worried you would get all judgy. This + this= this.

Then there’s these carrot pickles from David Lebovitz. I have been making them for six months straight. They don’t last a week around me and I’m not ashamed. I started making refrigerator pickles this summer because a) legit preserving scares me b) my CSA meant veg overload. My first refrigerator pickles were these from Instructables. I was skeptical, but (omg!) they tasted like pickles. I pickled peppers, just so I could say “pickled peppers.” And then there were carrots. When they’re in the market, I am repeatedly seduced by rainbow carrots, only to get them home and remember I really don’t like eating carrots. Carrot Soup is fine. Otherwise, I really just get bored with all the chewing. Carrot pickles solved all my problems.

I won’t reprint the recipe because I follow it (mostly!) exactly. I live by this amazing produce stand and bought my first daikon there last weekend. I asked twitter what to do with it and Julia said pickles. So instead of 1lb of carrots I used carrots+daikon to equal 1lb.

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1 Julia February 28, 2010 at 12:29 am

That pot of veggies looks pretty as a pickle! And your blog is looking pretty spiffy, too!


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